We believe in bridging the needs of financially challenged students to allow them access to educational resources and opportunities. Through coordinated efforts, Cape of Colours has and will continue to forge partnerships with community organizations on initiatives. 




Warwick University


“We have just returned back from Singapore. All the students very much enjoyed the volunteering project with Cape of Colours. It was great to connect with younger students, and it was a rewarding and eye-opening opportunity to spend time with Metta Home residents. We will be sure to get in touch when we are in Singapore again.”

- Alina Shapovalenko

Warwick University


Cape of Colours helped to bridge student volunteers from Warwick Finance Societies, Warwick University with students of Si Ling Secondary School. It was a meaningful exchange as the students interacted, shared their cultures and experiences and together brought cheers to the residents of a home for the disabled, featuring wonderful band and dance performances from Si Ling Secondary School.





Lighthouse was our first Bridge Project in 2012 and we continue to journey with this special school for children who are visually and/or hearing impaired or has intellectual challenges to enhance their learning environment and develop the students to their full potential through the acquisition, set-up and integration of assistive technology – 7 iMacs, 3 MacBook Pros and 6 units of Refresher Braille.

In 2013, we acquired 2 sets of SmartView 360, an electronic desktop magnifier, that enable students with low vision to read better due to the enlargement of the words. Subsequently, Cape of Colours also sponsored a new colour photocopier so that the school could produce colourful educational charts and diagrams as teaching aids for the hearing-impaired students.

In January 2015, Cape of Colours purchased a Topaz desktop video magnifier for Lighthouse School. The equipment is capable of a magnification of up to 77 times so as to ease the visual burden of the visually impaired students as they pursue their education.




Cape of Colours collaborated with Northland to sponsor a group of Secondary 3 and 4 at-risk youths in its GEMS Programme on a 7-day trip to Hainan Island, China where they participated in both community works and cultural exchange. Cape of Colours also sponsored two Panasonic Lumix Digital Cameras and conducted two sessions of hands-on videography training for the students in preparation for the trip.